South Africa offers fantastic opportunities for the discerning wingshooter. Our shoots are hosted from a 1910 refurbished hotel in a small town in the Eastern Freestate, it’s unique atmosphere lending it well to the Freestate hunting experience.

We hunt upland birds including Swanson’s Spurfowl, Greywing and Orange River Francolin over English pointers and German wire hair pointers. Guinea fowl are hunted by forming a line and walking them up with Springer spaniels to help with flushing and retrieving.

Waterfowl includes Spurwing and Egyptian geese, hunted either from blinds set up along their flight lines or from blinds and decoys set up on fields where they feed, and Yellow billed duck, Red billed teal and White-faced whistling duck. These game birds are are shot on small dams, ponds, pans and river systems using permanent blinds and decoys.

Strict bag limits and seasons apply to both upland birds and waterfowl.

The Eastern Freestate is also well know for hot barreled action on doves and pigeons, species include Rock Pigeon, Red-eyed Dove, Cape Turtle dove and Laughing Dove. They are shot throughout the year on natural flight paths or sunflower fields. Expect to shoot 500-2000 shells a day. On doves and pigeons no bag limit or season applies.