Overview of 2017

I am finally home after another successful hunting season. This morning I have time to sit on my veranda and look back over the events and adventures of 2017.

The individual that tells you that 2017 was an easy year for the hunting industry has probably been looking down the neck of a whisky bottle just a tad too much. It was a year full of challenges. Hunters are a hardy bunch though, and a lot of us have seen the challenges as adventures and opportunities to learn and grow. That is after all what life is all about, adapt or die. (more…)

Booking a Safari in the 21st Century

The age old sport of hunting has evolved over centuries and is continuing to evolve everyday. The question of ethics is not really the topic of this post, it will suffice to say that, for the most part things have changed for the better over the past hundred years. Hunters today have a much better understanding of their impact on, and responsibilities towards the game they hunt. The wholesale slaughter of yesteryear is thankfully something of the past, and a much more conservation minded generation has emerged. (more…)