About Quintin

Born and raised on a cattle ranch on the edge of the Kalahari desert, his formative years were spent mostly outdoors, developing a great love and respect for nature very early in life. Even as a boy he was always in pursuit of adventure. Graduating from slingshot to air rifle to .22 in quick succession, no bird in his mother’s orchard or rodent in his father’s shed were ever safe. Today he is a fully grown man, carrying a big bore double rifle in search of Africa’s most dangerous game. One thing never changed though, he is still the same fun loving boy at heart.

At the age of 19, shortly after matriculating from high school, Quintin moved to Tanzania to start his career as professional hunter. He was granted his full professional hunters license by the Tanzanian Wildlife Authority in 2001 and have spent well over 2000 days actively perusing dangerous game since, as well as spending countless days either coordinating or actively participating in anti poaching patrols.

Quintin is a staunch believer in hunting being the best conversation tool, and believes that the only way for the industry to survive is to present a united front. Because of this conviction he has always been very actively involved in the Tanzania Professional Hunters Association, serving on their executive committee since 2010 as board member.

Most of his time is spent guiding big game safaris in Tanzania, as well as accompanying clients on plains game safaris in Namibia and wing shooting trips to his native South Africa.